June 24, 2013

Is Reality TV Even That Real?

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By now most people realize that reality TV is not real. Doesn’t stop people from searching for DIRECTV promos and packages that bring them all these networks producing these shows.

Reality TV is unscripted TV where producers put non-actors in unusual situations. The interest lies in seeing how regular people react and get themselves through. Networks like reality shows because they’re cheap to produce. Viewers like them because they’re more entertaining than poorly-written scripted shows.

The debate started when many reality shows were apparently altering the outcome or putting the fix in. Dave Hester of Storage Wars, a show where people buy storage lockers, accused the producers of planting items in lockers. And the New York Daily News ran a story saying the American Idol final four were picked by the judges, not voters.

But J. Rupert Thompson, producer of Big Brother, points out you could say the programs are scripted because the people are put into unreal situations. It’s still reality, because you never know how people will react. And Lynette Rice of Entertainment Weekly says that not everything on reality TV can be manipulated.

In fact, reality TV story editors do put together storyboards and scripts. But these story editors are not in the writers’ union, so they get paid less. Networks love the savings. In 2000 there were 4 reality shows, and in 2010 there were 320.

So, even though there’s not much real about them, people like them and they’re cheap. So the number of reality shows will probably continue to be unreal.

May 18, 2013

What is America’s Next Big Reality Show

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If you are a reality television show fan, you are probably pretty excited about all of the great reality shows out there. There is certainly no shortage of these shows for people to watch, no matter what they are interested in. Whether you would like to watch other people and how they act around one another, learn more about cooking or fashion or watch another type of reality show, there are plenty of shows across many different channels and (more…)

March 24, 2013

What Is America’s Top Reality Show

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Reality TV has been the fastest growing television industry in the last decade. Many shows have come and gone, but a few have been around for over a decade. “American Idol” may be the most watched reality TV show of all time, but as far as seasons go, “Survivor” has “Outsmarted,Outwitted and Outlasted” everyone.

The show is in its 26th season and still getting as much media attention as it did when it first started. There have been hundreds of castaways, but the show’s host Jeff Probst has stuck around for the long haul.Check out this (more…)

June 11, 2012

Why Extreme Makeover Sometimes Ends Bad For Families

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It’s a show that captured our hearts – cash-strapped families getting home makeovers they never could have afforded otherwise. But were you aware of the ugly truth behind “Extreme Makeover”? It may be all smiles on the set, but behind the scenes, some of the lucky recipients may not be so lucky after all.

For one, after the show is done, they have to deal with all the taxes, repairs, and upkeep associated with their new home. Managing your own real estate is no easy task, and many of the families (more…)

August 18, 2011

Tax Problems Related To Extreme Makeover

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Reality shows on TV have a big draw on the public. One of the most popular is Extreme Makeover. Each week, viewers are drawn to families, usually with extreme challenges in life, that receive the gift of a brand new home. Generally, the new home is built on the original site with amazing features in the period of one week. It’s the ultimate fantasy and has many sending in, hoping they’ll be the next winner. However, winners beware because nothing comes for free and there are tax problems related to Extreme Makeover, something the program doesn’t tell viewers. (more…)

August 17, 2011

Who Is America’s Next Top Model

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Each cycle, contestants seek to answer that very question; Who is America’s Next Top Model.

The reality television show, was created in 2003 by supermodel Tyra Banks, and gives young female hopefuls from around the United States the opportunity to fulfill their modeling dreams by participating in an elimination style contest that simulates real-life scenarios (photo shoots, catwalks, commercials, go-sees, drama, and catfights) in the modeling profession. The young ladies are then judged each week by a panel (more…)

August 16, 2011

Can The Apprentice Survive If Trump Wins The Presidency

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The Apprentice will not survive if Donald Trump wins the presidency. If Trump becomes president, it is too time consuming to run the country and produce reality television. The show is so widely popular because Donald Trump is extremely charismatic in the boardroom. With his unique blend of bitter honesty and business acumen, viewers have tuned in year after year to see what Mr. Trump has to say.

The Apprentice will not work with anybody other than Donald Trump. If Trump tries to pass the show off to another celebrity (more…)

July 28, 2011

Our Current Favorite Reality Stars

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If you read our blog you know we’re obsessed with reality TV but have you garnered who our favorite characters are? Check out your direct.tv channel lineup to catch some of who we think are the best reality stars out there and wish you could call one of them up for a beer…
Jeff Lewis: BRAVO’s biggest star is also the most OCD man on television, currently, which is what makes him so painfully pleasant to watch. He’s (more…)

June 24, 2011

Why Can’t Flava Flav Ever Find Love

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Why Can’t Flava Flav Ever Find Love?

Flava Flav stars in the reality hit show “Flavor of Love”. This reality show puts contestants up against one-another in order to impress, and win Flava Flav’s heart. The VH1 television hit series has went through three seasons, and many wonder ‘why can’t Flava Flav ever find love?’. The answer is debated between viewers, and fans alike. Does the idea of multiple television seasons allow Flava Flav to find the need to (more…)

June 20, 2011

Can You Find True Love On Reality TV

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It may be producers getting fed up with overpaid and temperamental actors or America’s obsession with the genre but it seems that every season there are less scripted programs and more reality shows. Most reality shows involve competition and elimination culminating in a big prize. The prize can be money, fame or even love.

Dating centered competition programs aren’t a new genre. The Dating Game first aired in 1965 with three contestants vying to win a date or even love. Today’s dating shows take the concept a step further. (more…)